Who We Are and What We Do

“Shepherd’s Hope is a non-profit, faith-based organization of volunteers that exists to provide access to health care for the uninsured.”

Everyone working at a Shepherd’s Hope health center is a volunteer.

Shepherd’s Hope doctors and nurses treat uninsured, low-income patients in need of non-emergency medical care. The visit is free.

Patients are seen at Shepherd’s Hope health centers on a first-come, first-served basis. Some patients have a return visit. Unfortunately, our doctors and nurses cannot treat every condition and we are not set-up to be your regular source of medical care.

Chronic diseases and conditions that require ongoing care will be referred to other clinics in the community for help.

Shepherd’s Hope partners with organizations including local hospitals to provide most diagnostic laboratory and radiology services at no charge. There are some tests and procedures that are not covered. In those cases, patients will be responsible for making their own financial arrangements for charges resulting from these uncovered procedures.

If necessary, no-cost prescription medications and/or a voucher to a local pharmacy may be given out. Otherwise, our licensed health care providers will write a prescription, and the patient will be responsible for the cost. We make every effort to prescribe low cost medications, if possible.

We are sorry if you aren’t feeling well, and thank you for the opportunity to serve and help you!