Celebrating 25 Years of Shepherd’s Hope!

Celebrating 25 Years of Compassion and Care!

In 2022, Shepherd’s Hope marks a remarkable milestone—Celebrating 25 Years of providing Care Without Conditions to the wonderful community of Central Florida. Meanwhile, imagine the countless lives touched, the smiles restored, and the hope ignited through free healthcare services, education, and wellness programs for uninsured individuals of all ages.

Over the past quarter-century, Shepherd’s Hope has orchestrated a symphony of compassion, with over 310,000 medical visits and treatments. Moreover, this incredible journey would not have been possible without the harmonious collaboration of dedicated volunteer providers, compassionate business partners, and an extraordinary league of individual supporters.

Famous Faces Masquerade Ball: A Night of Celebration!

Join us on a magical night of celebration at the 2022 Famous Faces Masquerade Ball, where over 450 community leaders will come together. Furthermore, it’s not just a gala; instead, it’s a vibrant showcase of our Greatest Hits—inspiring stories, acts of kindness, and the unity of our community. All of these elements are dedicated to providing lifesaving healthcare to the uninsured. In essence, the event promises to be a memorable and impactful experience for all attendees.

Be a Star! Become a Famous Faces Masquerade Ball Sponsor.

Your sponsorship is not just a contribution; rather, it’s a commitment to making a lasting impact. As we celebrate 25 years of community service, your support becomes the key to unlocking the door to our next chapter of miraculous impact.

Moreover, your partnership directly transforms the lives of those who cannot afford health insurance or medical services. For example, by providing compassionate treatment focused on ongoing health, you enable individuals to pursue their goals, support their loved ones, and contribute their talents to our community. In essence, your support creates a ripple effect of positive change.

Shine in the Spotlight!

As a sponsor, your company will be prominently featured as a caring partner. Your logo will stand side by side with uplifting stories of hope and healing, showcasing your dedication to making a difference. We extend our deepest gratitude for your support and look forward to celebrating this incredible journey with you!

Thank you for 25 Years of Changing Lives!


Your support provides lifesaving free healthcare for the uninsured. 95% of donations directly benefit patient care.


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