1997 Society

In celebration of entering our next quarter century Shepherd’s Hope is proud to announce the launch of the 1997 Society. Together we have created 25 years of visionary care for children, women and men across Central Florida. Our next 25 years is dedicated to building upon that vision to break down barriers in access to healthcare for our most needed community members, and you can be a part of it.

The 1997 Society is a collection of ongoing supporters who rather than providing one time annual gifts, shift their generosity to a monthly investment in the clinical care Shepherd’s Hope provides. This ongoing support means consistency in a world that is constantly changing around us. Meaning, when community members to no fault of their own find themselves uninsured, they know Shepherd’s Hope can be there.

Donors investing $200 annually could convert to a monthly gift of $20, resulting in funding for an additional treatment, prescription, or operational cost each year, while not feeling an additional expense all at once. Monthly donors also allow for Shepherd’s Hope to have continual revenue to ensure no patient is ever turned away due to lack of funding.

Your ongoing investment in Shepherd’s Hope allows us to continue building upon our network of care across the Central Florida region. Join below to become one of our founding 1997 Society Members and help invest in access to healthcare.

Donors in the 1997 Society will receive a special pin to recognize their ongoing investment and all contributions are tax deductible.

Join 1997 Society


If I am already a monthly donor, do I need to create a new donation to join?

  • No, all donors, regardless of when they started their monthly investment, will automatically become members of the 1997 Society.

Is there a certain monthly gift amount I have to make to be a member of the 1997 Society?

  • No, we appreciate an ongoing investment at any dollar level; however, we do offer a reference point that a gift of $145 will cover one patient’s visit.

I am a member of the 1997 Society, when will I receive my pin?

  • Pins are sent out on a monthly basis. Once you have completed your first gift, you will be added to the next pin mail out. If it has been more than two months and you have not yet received your pin, please contact Monica VanGundy at monica.vangundy@shepherdshope.org