Famous Faces

Event's Date: Saturday October 12, 2024

Our esteemed sponsors actively contributed to our charity fundraiser event, demonstrating unwavering support that not only played a pivotal role but also fostered a profound sense of community engagement, thereby elevating the stature of the occasion.

Furthermore, we sincerely invite you to join us at our meticulously scheduled upcoming event on Saturday, October 12, 2024. We carefully selected this date to ensure an unparalleled experience for our distinguished attendees. Not only is your continued patronage a factor in the sustained success of our endeavors, but it is also a pivotal element in establishing a lasting and meaningful association into the future.

For those inspired to contribute actively to the planning and execution of our subsequent Famous Faces events, we extend a special invitation to contact Monica VanGundy at monica.vangundy@shepherdshope.org. Your involvement is warmly welcome and deemed vital to the seamless orchestration of an event of such magnitude.

In summary, the achievements of the 2023 Famous Faces Charity Fundraiser event stand as a testament to the collaborative efforts of all participants. Beyond being a retrospective acknowledgment, these accomplishments serve as a dynamic springboard propelling us towards future endeavors. As we reflect upon the triumphs of the past, our collective enthusiasm drives us towards the promise and potential encapsulated by the upcoming event on October 12, 2024, benefiting all participants and sponsors alike.