Health Questions & FAQ

  1. What does Shepherd’s Hope do?
  2. Shepherd’s Hope is a faith-based ministry providing free, short-term medical care for uninsured residents of Central Florida using volunteer doctors and nurses.

    Shepherd’s Hope operates at different locations in the Greater Orlando area that are open mainly in the evenings between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM in donated clinic space. A list of centers and their hours of operation can be found here.

  3. Can I seek surgical services at Shepherd’s Hope?
  4. Shepherd’s Hope provides acute care at each of our health center locations. All first visits are general appointments with a Volunteer Healthcare Provider. If that provider determines secondary services are required, the reach of those services is determined on a case by case basis. If necessary, we can connect with our hospital partners and will do our best to make sure the care/procedure required is received. However, we cannot guarantee that all patients requiring surgery will receive that service.

  5. Can I get my blood work done at Shepherd’s Hope?
  6. Yes! Blood work is covered for our patients through our wonderful hospital partners.

  7. Can I get my radiology done at Shepherd’s Hope?
  8. In order to receive radiology services in our x-ray suites located at our Downtown and West Orange health centers, patients will first need to be assessed by one of our Volunteer Healthcare Providers. If that provider determines an x-ray is required, the patient will then be referred for service.

  9. Can I get a mammogram at Shepherd’s Hope?
  10. During the month of October, we partner with Sand Lake Imaging for “Get a Mammogram, Give a Mammogram” held in conjunction with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The partnership provides free mammograms to women in need in our Central Florida community. For each new patient who gets a mammogram at Sand Lake Imaging during the month of October, the facility will donate a free screening mammogram to an uninsured Shepherd’s Hope patient.

  11. Can I get specialty care at Shepherd’s Hope?
  12. Although we provide acute care, sometimes our patients require secondary services that involve a specialist. We are very grateful to have such a wonderful team of volunteer specialists both in our clinics and a part of our Community Referral Provider Program who dedicate their time to provide free specialty care to our patients. Patients must be seen first by a Volunteer Healthcare Provider and then given a referral to see a specialist.

  13. Can I get assistance for medical supplies or medications?
  14. We are able to provide prescription refills, however, we do not prescribe any controlled substances.

  15. Can I seek financial assistance for medical bills?
  16. All care provided within our health centers is free to those who are uninsured. When the care expands past our health centers, there is a possibility services may not be 100% free and could be on a sliding scale.