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Priscila at the hospital


“You were everything that we needed and we will always be grateful for the work Shepherd’s Hope does.”   




In 2019, Priscila was experiencing severe lower abdominal pain. With no insurance, she and her husband didn’t know where to turn. A close friend shared information about how Shepherd’s Hope free services had helped her with a medical issue, so Priscila and her husband visited the Winter Garden clinic. The volunteer doctor there shared that her condition required additional ultrasound testing and labs.


Before and after Priscila's surgery in perfil

Before and after Priscila’s surgery.

Test results showed that she needed immediate surgery to remove a 5 pound fibroid growth in her uterus.  Shepherd’s Hope Case Manager, longtime volunteer Evelyn Stankowski, was able to reserve one of the two donated surgery spots at Orlando Health.

The team from Orlando Health explained that the risks of having the surgery might include having to perform a hysterectomy. The news was heartbreaking because she and her husband had always hoped to have a family, but her health was a priority, and the surgery was necessary. After the surgery, however, her nurse happily shared that the surgeon was able to preserve her uterus – she and her husband could still try and have a family!

While she was recovering from surgery, her husband Dennis volunteered to help others at Shepherd’s Hope. “He wanted to give back the love we had received,” shares Priscila.  Eighteen months after her surgery they heard joyous news – they were pregnant!

Priscila and Dennis will welcome their daughter next week on December 23! The same team of nurses and doctors who helped with her original surgery will deliver their new daughter “Sia” into the world. Their daughter’s name means “The One Who Shines”. Without a doubt there will be much shining and joy for their little girl and their family during this Season of Miracles!

“We will always be grateful for the work that Shepherd’s Hope does – it is amazing and we will always be here for you, too!”

Priscila, Dennis and Sia

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