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Photo of Donna Walsh, President and CEO of Shepherd's Hope

Donna Walsh appointed President & CEO of Shepherd’s Hope. Click here for details. 


Our main phone number is 407-876-6699

Shepherd’s Hope provides free healthcare for the uninsured. These primary, acute and specialty care medical services are provided by licensed medical and patient service volunteers. Since 1997, we have provided over 310,000 free patient visits and medical services.

Who We Serve

1 in 4 people in Central Florida do not have health insurance (CDC) due to job loss, financial hardship or an unforeseen crisis. Our patients also include the working poor. 43% of our patients are employed, but uninsured, with income at or below 200% of the poverty level. They cannot afford health insurance, their jobs do not offer coverage and they are ineligible for government-assisted programs. Our services help keep our community healthy – 56% of our patients treated say that they would not have sought any medical care without access to our health centers.

Community Collaboration

This care is possible thanks to partnerships with 2,700 licensed medical and general volunteers, three community hospital systems, 100 diagnostic/secondary providers and numerous multi-faith partners. We contribute directly to Central Florida’s healthcare economy by mitigating the financial impact to hospitals and health care providers for the services they provide to uninsured and indigent patients.

Caring People, Caring for People

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